Monday, 23 January 2012

Recipe: sweet poetato fritters (from leftovers)

It's Monday so it must be ... no, not necessarily Restaurant Review day but, for the first time, Recipe day.

Today, NOMM turns leftover pancake or batter mix into root vegetable (or squash) fritters.

For those without leftovers, just mix water and plain flour (中筋麵粉) and allow to stand for at least 30 minutes, preferably longer. Egg-eating vegetarians might add egg yolk; salt-eaters might add salt. Don't worry too much about the proportions of flour and water; anything from a runny crepe mix to a semi-solid congyoubing (蔥油餅) mix will work fine.

To this dough (or leftover pancake or batter mix) add plenty of potato, or sweet potato, or parsnip or even pumpkin &c., using relevant seasoning. For sweet potato, NOMM used liberal sprinklings of thyme (百里香), sage (鼠尾草) and paprika (辣椒粉); don't skimp on these, they take the fritters to the next level.

Grate sweet potato(es) and stir in. The batter/pancake mix is far less than when making pancakes or tempura, it merely binds the vegetable together.

Put a little oil in frying pan, heat; then add potato mix and cook over low-medium flame, turning frequently and pressing down to ensure all ingredients are cooked. the outside should become crispy while the inside is chewy.

Serve with soy sauce or other dip

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