Monday, 30 January 2012

News Brief: Always ask the price before you order ... testicles

Soups cooked with sesame oil (麻油) are popular warming dishes during these cold months, but a Mr. Yang (楊先生) of Taipei City has complained about being charged NT$400 for a bowl of “sesame-oil mixed-ingredients soup” (麻油綜合湯) by a vendor in the New Year provisions market (年貨大街), ETTV (東森電視) reports today (full Chinese-language article here).

The soup contained a chicken thigh bone and meat, four chicken animelles (睪丸; testicles to you and me) and a good number of kidney slices. When presented with the dish and asked the price, but not having yet tasted it, he complained that NT$400 was far too expensive, but the stall owner told him that, since it was already cooked, he would have to pay for it.

Having begrudgingly paid for and eaten it, he compared prices at other stalls, finding similar dishes, but containing one more testicle, two more pieces of chicken meat and one extra slice of kidney, for NT$300.

When ETTV visited [yesterday?] afternoon, the stall was not yet open for business, but the price had been added to the advertising board using pen. The market authorities said that following a series of complaints from the public they had suggested the owner indicate the price to avoid future problems of this nature.

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