Tuesday, 17 January 2012

News Brief: DOH investigation finds illegal New Year foodstuffs

With lunar new year about to arrive, Taipei City Dept of Health (台北市衛生局) Jan 16th released its final survey of new year foodstuffs which checked up on a total of 167 items, of which 11 failed to meet standards, The Broadcasting Corporation of China (中國廣播公司) reported yesterday. 

Worst offenders were processed nut products followed by wet rice products and processed bean products. One sample of preserved broad beans (蠶豆) sold at Guting market (古亭市場) had sulphur dioxide residues that were six times permitted levels, and general provisions stores in Datong and Neihu districts selling red beans (紅豆) and calligonum beans (豆棗) with seven times the permitted level of the preservative benzoic acid (苯甲酸). 

The article (full Chinese-language piece here) carries a full list of the vendors’ names and the companies supplying them with illegal produce see the

Unfortunately no information is available (yet?) on the TCG DOH English-language website (http://english.doh.taipei.gov.tw/MP_109002.html)

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