Thursday, 12 January 2012

News Brief: Cook it Yourself this CNY

The New Taipei City Dept of Public Health (新北市政府衛生局) invited nutritionists and restaurant head chefs to develop tasty yet healthy lunar new year recipes that citizens can make for themselves, department deputy chief Lin Jin-fu (林金富) announced yesterday, the Liberty Times reports today (full Chinese-language article here)..

The recipes can be downloaded from the department’s website here (Chinese-language).

Frying in less oil or flash-boiling, using less fatty meat but more green vegetables and nuts is both cheaper and healthier than shop bough meals, advised Nutritionist Tien Shu-ching (田淑卿) of the Taipei City Hospital (市立聯合醫院).

Yang Chi-jun (楊琪鈞) chef at the Wedding Feast/Seafood Restaurant (龍鳳城餐廳) designed his new-year recipes using vegetable-based stock containing radish, pumpkin, greens, celery &c.

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