Thursday, 3 November 2011

News Brief: Impoverished children to lose free milk

More than 30,000 children from low-income families are threatened with losing their three bottles of free milk per week as the Council of Agriculture looks for ways to make savings in its budget, the China Times reported today (full Chinese-language article here).

Budget constraints, milk price hikes, and shortages of fresh milk since the 2005 milk-powder melamine scare were all offered by the government agency as reasons for removing the nutritional supplement from around three-quarters of those currently receiving it, with only the most needy likely to continue on the programme.

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  1. This is not necessarily a bad thing as human beings do NOT have to drink milk to be healthy. "Milk is good for you" is a urban myth created by the dairy industry. More and more nutritional experiments link the high protein and fat content in the milk depleted the calcium in the bone and entails osteoporosis in many European countries.