Sunday, 13 November 2011

News Brief: "Confucian Cuisine" is nonsense -- Councilor

Taipei councilor says that the city’s promotion of Confucian cuisine (儒家菜) is ridiculous since it even includes Italian spaghetti, the Liberty Times reports today (Chinese-language article here). 

The concept dates back to June this year when Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin promoted a Confucian soap opera and Confucian-themed dishes in an attempt to attract Chinese tourists deprived of traditional culture in their home country (July Taipei Times article here).

But councilor Wu Si-yao (吳思瑤) complained about the budget of NT$5.7 million (ca. US$180,000) given to restaurateurs in the Dalongtong (大龍峒) area near the city’s Confucius Temple (孔廟), and said that calling such items as “noodle stall pig liver” (麵攤的豬肝連), “meat from beside the snout” (嘴邊肉), “pink sausage” (粉腸) [traditional Taiwanese dishes], spicy hot pot (麻辣火鍋), and even Italian spaghetti (義大利麵) as “Confucian cuisine” was a case of “Greater China ideology tyrannizing Taiwan’s food and beverage culture”.

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