Tuesday, 29 November 2011

News Brief: McDonald's goes vegetarian (for 5 days on 3 items in 1 town)

To stay open during a local town-wide vegetarian festival, McDonald’s sells vegetarian food, TVBS reports today (full Chinese-article here)

For 5 days every 12 years, the 90,000 citizens Puli (埔里) Township in Nantou (南投) County hold the jian jiao ji dian (建醮祭典) religious ceremony [to welcome, entertain and bid farewell to visiting spirits].

Although not all citizens strictly adhere to the spirit of vegetarianism, so many take it seriously that meat and fish vendors in the markets suspend business for five days, as do owners of non-vegetarian restaurants.

To "accord with" this local custom, McDonald’s, from Nov 27 to Dec 1, while not suspending or curbing its burger menu, is offering residents of Puli vegetarian options. These include “bagels with jam”, French fries and hash brown potatoes. All cooked, during this period, in vegetable oil. 

A “meal” [NOMM’s emphasis] consisting of bagel, hash brown and fizzy drink costs NT$65.

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  1. pathetic imagination from McDonalds

    McDonalds in general should think about proper vegetarian options and promote them over planet destroying meat. Falafel, lentil, soya burgers, etc