Thursday, 10 November 2011

News Brief: School lunch kickbacks case expands -- Prosecutors

The scandal of elementary and junior high school principals in New Taipei City (新北市; formerly Taipei County) taking kickbacks in the provision of school lunches has exploded, the China Times reports today (full Chinese-language article here; presumably the Taipei Times will cover this story tomorrow). 

Yesterday, November 10, the Banciao District Prosecutors Office (板橋地檢署) again directed the search of 7 junior high and 13 elementary schools, and arraigned four principals and one food provider to appear in court. Investigations also discovered that some elementary school principals, after receiving cash from providing companies, also held positions evaluating committee members at other schools, for which, shamefully, they further took bribes. 

Prosecutors said this was not a case of “established practice” but was criminal behaviour, and principals involved must be brought to justice with all due haste.

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