Sunday, 30 October 2011

Restaurant Review: Stinky Tofu (Maokong)

The Maokong (貓空) tea-plantation district on Taipei City's southern border above Muzha (木柵) is famous for its teahouses.

Vegetarian food options are limited, despite the many temples, the Yiguandao TienEnGong 天恩宮 in particular. Nevertheless, the MaoLan MeiShi Cheng (貓纜美食城; no English name, lit. "Maokong Cable Car Fine Foods City") about 50m east of Maokong Gondola Station has a six-item vegetarian section (素食類):

tea-oil [flavoured] noodles (茶油麵)
tea-oil [flavoured] rice noodles (茶油米粉)
tea-oil [flavoured] thin noodles (茶油麵線)
vegetarian Angelica sinensis (Chinese-herb) soup (素食當歸湯)
vegetarian crispy stinky tofu (素食脆皮臭豆腐)
boiled leafy greens (燙青菜)

NOMM tried the tofu, which was very good, and only slightly more expensive than back at sea level.

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