Thursday, 13 October 2011

News Brief: Starbucks "explains" why soymilk coffee also goes up in price

Following consumer complaints that the recent NT$10 price hike on coffee at Starbucks due to rising milk costs had also included soymilk coffee, the head of Starbucks marketing, Mr. Zhong (仲), said "What we provide is a more intimate service, allowing customers to pick and choose their own ingredients in accordance with their own requirements. As a consequence, in the holistic planning and consideration, we apply a holistic approach to formulate our conceptual basis." [or some such B.S.] (我們提供的是一種比較貼心的服務,讓顧客可以根據他自己本身的需要,來調整他所使用的原料。所以在整體的計算跟考量,我們是用整體的概念來做整個構思的基礎。) see full article here

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