Thursday, 27 October 2011

News Brief: Recommend Your Favorite (Rice) Restaurants (to NOMM but more so to the COA)

The "First Annual Taiwan Hundred Best Rice Restaurants Competition”(第一屆台灣百大米餐廳大賽; NOMM translation) was launched October 18th by the Council of Agriculture (農業委員會) under the Executive Yuan (Chinese-language details here).

Noting that rice is Taiwan's main cereal crop, and acknowledging the ubiquitous nature and convenience of the Internet, the COA will stage this web-based event to "promote the special outstanding features of Taiwan-produced rice, and to combine energy saving and reduction of carbon emissions with contemporary consumer trends".

Starting at noon on November 30th, all citizens are invited to participate, recommend and vote online, to find the best rice ingredients and finest rice dishes in the nation's 368 townships and urban districts.


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