Monday, 6 February 2012

Restaurant Review:-- Baozi (steamed-bread dumplings), Taipei City

Sushi Dianxin (素食點心; "Vegetarian Snacks" but no English name) is a vegetarian institution. People travel from neighouring counties into Taipei City to stock up on its soft, large, variously-filled steamed-bread dumplings (包子; baozi).

The flavours include  Brassica juncea var. crispifolia (雪裡紅; see here for explanation of this vegetable), cabbage (高麗菜), mushroom and bamboo shoots (香菇竹筍), wholemeal flour with mixed grains (全麥五穀), Chinese yam (山藥), green beans ( 四季豆), "eight treasure sauce" (八寶醬), Hakka pickled vegetable (客家酸菜), radish (蘿蔔絲), sweet sesame (芝麻) and osmanthus-flavoured bean paste (桂花豆沙). All cost NT$20.

When NOMM visited yesterday at 12:30pm only the first kind was available, which is typical in that rarely is there a full selection on offer.

Baozi originated in North China but have long had a wide range of regional variations. Immigration of Han Chinese from all parts of China following the ROC defeat in the Chinese Civil War (1949) means that many different kinds are available in Taiwan. Nevertheless, Sushi Dianxin is unusual in providing only vegetarian baozi.

The shop/stall is located just outside the Guangfu Market (光復市場) at 149, Lane 419, Guangfu S. Road.
Tel 02-2878 1949
Opening hours: 08:00~14:00; 7 days/week
NOMM fake meat/processed food index: none in the one flavour sampled (NOMM will report back after trying more)

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