Saturday, 4 February 2012

News Brief: heat-insulating cup lids contain toxins -- CF survey

The Consumers’ Foundation (中華民國消費者文教基金會) tested 15 different thermos-style heat-insulating cups (保溫杯) from shops, departments stores, home appliance and lifestyle stores in the Taipei area, and although the bodies were made of metal, it found the caps of two cups to contain the heavy metals lead and cadmium, and 14 of the cups tested positive for plasticizers, the Central News Agency (中央社) reported yesterday.

Although the lead and cadmium did not exceed the maximum levels allowed for food containers, they nevertheless contravene environmental standards. Ingestion of lead can affect red blood corpuscle formation and harm brain nerve cells, affecting memory and concentration. Cadmium is carcinogenic, and if consumed, can accumulate in the liver and kidneys, is difficult to excrete, and over a long period can damage the urinary system.

(Full Chinese-language article here).

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