Wednesday, 1 February 2012

News Brief: Sodas might be even worse than we thought, say Danish scientists

Despite knowing that they can cause obesity, a great many of us drink carbonated drinks ("sodas" to Americans). But new research by Danish scientists suggests their detrimental health implications might be far worse than this, TVBS reports today (full Chinese-language article here).

In a project conducted over six months, researchers divided their study subjects into four groups: those who i) drank soda every day, ii) drank an equal calorific amount of milk, iii) drank low-calorie sodas, and iv) drank water.

The first group were found to have excessive hidden fat deposits on their livers, bones and other organs. Even those on the low-calorie alternatives risked damage to brain cells, they said, due to artificial sweeteners.

Furthermore, many sodas include brominated vegetable oil (溴化植物油), which although used in sodas for more than half a centrury, are now subect to restrictions in many countries due to associated health problems.  For more about BVOs see here.

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