Thursday, 8 December 2011

News Brief: Unscrupulous businessman forges “best-before” dates to sell out-of-date products

Having received reports in early November of some low-life businessman changing expiry dates on foods and drinks, the Tainan District Prosecutors Office (台南地檢署) combined forces with its counterpart in Changhua (彰化地檢署) to conduct a sting operation, secretly monitoring suspicious activities, buying and testing items, the Liberty Times reports today (full Chinese-language article here, or wait and see if its sister paper the Taipei Times reports in English tomorrow). 

Prosecutors discovered that Heya Company (荷亞商行) of Xiushui Township (秀水鄉) in Changhua County, owned by Chen Cheng-li (陳政利), is suspected in collecting out-of-date food and drinks, forging new expiry dates, then selling them for 10-50 percent of market prices to middlemen throughout the country, making more than NT$1 billion in one month.

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