Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News Brief: Beans, beans, they make you fart … but some kinds are better (worse) than others

Many people think that eating beans makes them cut vintage cheese, and so maintain a respectful culinary distance from legumes. But in reality, not all beans lead to flatulence, the Xinsheng Daily reports (Chinese-language article here). 

Moreover, not just does the degree of bottom bugling vary from bean to bean, but individual diners physiques also influence the timbre of ones trouser tuba.

The US researchers also stressed legume consumptions benefits for the human heart, and recommended that they form a part of everyones daily diet along with fresh fruit and vegetables. People worried about stormy weather followed by strong winds and thunder should try a variety of beans, one at a time and in small doses, and keep an eye on physiological changes until they find one that measures low on the rectum scale.

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